Error Handling

API errors and their description

HTTP Errors (4xx/5xx)

As with any web service, our API will return 4xx and 5xx level errors when appropriate. Always check the status code to ensure the request was successfully received and successfully handled.

A 4xx level error code indicates that something is wrong with the request. Our recommendation is to double check the request for any typos.

A 5xx level error code indicates that something went wrong on our end. Our recommendation is to attempt the request again and check our API's status. If the request is still failing let us know at

API Errors

All 2xx level responses will contain a status property. This property will indicate whether the requested operation was successfully completed or if an error was encountered.

When an error does occur a message property will be included with a detailed message about why it failed. These error messages will be returned with a 200 level status code.

Example Error Response
  "message":"Missing required parameter 'email'",

Status Code



The request was successful


Something went wrong with the request; check the message property for further details


An internal error has occurred; typically this indicates a partial service interruption​


The request was rejected due to rate limiting; try again shortly

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