Bulk Verification

With the TrueMail API, you can verify contact lists you already have without needing to upload them to the dashboard.

Verify list of emails

POST https://app.truemail.io/api/v1/tasks/bulk?access_token={api_key}

This endpoint enables you to create a new task and begin bulk verify.

Query Parameters

Request Body

  "status": "Success",
  "task_id": 199

Get bulk verify status

GET https://app.truemail.io/api/v1/tasks/{task_id}/status?access_token={api_key}

This endpoint allows you to create new task and start bulk verify.

Path Parameters

Query Parameters

  "status": "finished",
  "total": 9,
  "billable": 2,
  "valid": 1,
  "invalid": 1,
  "catchall": 0,
  "disposable": 0,
  "unknown": 0,
  "duplicates": 7

Download bulk verify result

GET https://app.truemail.io/api/v1/tasks/{task_id}/download?access_token={api_key}

This is how you can download your file. You'll receive the data back in a CSV format with the last column including the result codes.

Path Parameters

Query Parameters

"support@truemail.com","Jonh Doe",valid
"support123@truemail.com","Jonh Doe",invalid

Read more about the result statuses here.

Job Status

Job status indicates what step the job is currently in. This will be the primary property you'll want to check to determine what can be done with the job.


There are several items in the total object that give you an overview of verification results. These numbers are updated periodically during the verification process. Most of these properties correspond directly with the verification result codes; the other properties are explained below.

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